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Brand Tente
Mounting Type Solid Stem Swivel
Wheel Diameter 200 mm
Width Of Tread 35 mm 
Hardness Of Tread Shore D 59
Tread Material Polyurethane
Wheel Centre Material Polyamide
Wheel Colour Grey
Flooring Measures Non-Marking
Temperature Range - 30 / + 80 °C
Load Capacity 150 kg
Bearing Type Precision Ball Bearing w/ Threadguards
Housing Material Pressed Steel
Bolt 28 mm
Bolt Length 45 mm
Overall Height 229 mm
Offset 60 mm
Tente Caster Wheels / Castor Wheels​ for Hospital bed and other medical apparatus
  • Swivel castor, frame made of pressed steel, precision ball bearing in swivel head and wheel
  • Housing cover made of synthetic plastics, solid plug fitting.Wheel centre made of Polyamide
  • Tread: Polyurethane, with threadguards, precision ball bearing, sealed