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Caster Wheel  / Castor Wheel : In Compliance to American Standard Specification. Extra Heavy Duty
Brand Ethos
Mounting Type Wheel Only
Wheel Diameter 304.8 mm or 12 inches
Width Of Tread 76.2 mm or 3 inches
Tread Material Solid Ductile-Iron
Wheel Colour Red
Flooring Measures Non-Marking
Elasticity Of Tread Bad
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Oil Resistance Excellent
Water Resistance Fair
Chemical Resistance Good
Temperature Range -60℃ / +148℃
Load Capacity 1814 kg
Bearing Type Double Ball bearing 
Bore Size 1 15/16 inches
Hub Length 1 15/16 inches
Profile Round
  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • In Compliance to American Standard Specification
  • Full double ballrace ways